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The strategy adopted by Marraffa Srl in all phases related to the provision of transport services (normal and exceptional) and crane rental, provides for the adoption of a system for quality management. The adoption of a quality system within the business sector services, to be effected by an appropriate adaptation of the standards of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, is a step of great difficulty, because of the uniqueness and specificity that characterize the fieldmembership of Marraffa Ltd. The management is committed to pursuing a policy that focuses on the activities of the customer. Customer satisfaction is pursued by providing and adapting all the typical processes of the various phases of service delivery and its particular requirements, implied and explicit, is detected and monitoring processes, and achieve the objectives agreed under the contract. The customer plays a central role in the success of Marraffa Srl becomes therefore important to know him, create works responding to their needs and create high customer satisfaction.
The objectives of Marraffa Srl are:
-Improved image and reputation on the market and thus increase the number of customers, territorial expansion and entry into new market areas;
-The satisfaction of stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers), and then: the achievement of budget targets, increase employment, improve wages, reduced absenteeism and reduced (or no) contenziosità with employees, constant reduction in the number of complaints , high level of customer satisfaction, partnership agreements with suppliers;
-Compliance with the explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
-Customer Service;
-Continuous improvement; (the achievement of these objectives will be constantly monitored through customer satisfaction survey and analysis of complaints);
-L 'adoption of the most modern techniques of customer support, which will be pursued through constant training and updating of company management and employees who occupy positions of responsibility;
The compliance-binding reference;
-Respect the environment and existing environmental legislation;
-Respect for safety regulations in the workplace.
-The achievement and maintenance of these objectives will be pursued consistently through training and information for staff at all levels.
Every year, during the review meeting, the Department approves a program consisting of measurable objectives to be pursued in the next twelve months in compliance with the strategic objectives defined above. The company operates so that all the objectives, quantifiable and measurable goals with their time, are understood and supported by all staff. By achieving these objectives we will create a company strongly focused on its customers, increase market efficiency and customer satisfaction make the differentiating factor in a highly competitive industry. The specific objectives are established annually by management and communicated to all employees.