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Abnormal transport - Heavy transport - Crane and aerial platforms
Our experience in the transportation of customer servicesthrough a highly qualified team and prepared to intervenein any environmental situation.  Weoffer a high qualitytransport service for exceptional weight and size ofvehicles using stretchable, extendable, with a ground clearance of 10 cm . Escort service with technicalpersonnel and authorized vehicles. The continuous upgrading and renewal of our fleet resolve and overcomeany problems of transport and ancillary operations.Handling and Lifting of any kind, with the availability ofcranes and crane typically up to 300 tons. Usingtechnologically advanced equipment capable of handlingup to 600 ton industrial machinery even on delicate floorsand within the Marinas.

Exceptional transport tanks, boats, boats, construction equipment, beams, presses, mills, wind powercomponents. Industrial handling.