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Three parts of a chimney that started their journey far away,
all destined for the Basilicata region of southern Italy. Their
journey began on the Hornád river in eastern Slovakia, near
the border with Poland, Ukraine and Hungary, in Kosice
whose 240,000 citizens make it the second largest city in
Slovakia. Three exceptional transport convoys, each almost
30 meters long, passed through the cold Slovakian and
Austrian landscapes to reach Italy. Accompanied by safety
cars, the three convoys took around 5 days to make the trip,
which brought them to Corleto Perticara, another town at the
foot of a mountain, but this time in the heart of Basilicata, in
the province of Potenza.
Awaiting the three convoys were four experienced crane
operators who lifted the three chimney parts and loaded
them onto a 12-axle SPMT. With its 360° electronic
steering, it is the ideal choice for overcoming the narrow
hairpin turns of Basilicata and the 17% slopes that separate
the transhipping area from the final destination; the new
Total refinery in the heart of the Italian South.
After three days of up and down along the 17 km route,
the chimney parts were lined-up on site next to the base
platform that will support the chimney for many years to
come. With a little help from the new Marraffa s.r.l ATF 400
crane and a secondary smaller crane, the three parts were
lifted into a vertical position and then stacked one on top
of the other to form a chimney 65 meters high. In order to
facilitate all the technical difficulties, Marraffa was able to
count on the support of the Wumag 103 meter crane owned
by Venpasud, which also supplied a Merlo 101 to simplify
the placement work of the ATF 400 ton.