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About us

The activities involve the provision of Marraffa SRL Heavy Transportation, National Transportation and Crane Service aimed ateach type of activity the company has been operating for about 30 yearsusing highly skilled staff with whom he has consolidated its position in the transport sector is Italian and European levels.
Legal representative of Marraffa Ltd. is Mr. Michael Marraffa founder ofthe same and always the homonymous company administrator. Mr.Marraffa has built a company based on its experience in the handling sector in the broadest sense of the term, constituting a group of peoplewith whom each day we face new challenges that have to upgrade theirbasic technical and vocational priority has always been the samedirector.
Marraffa Ltd has invested financial and professional resources in aproject on three different objectives:

1) extension of the services (lifting things and people -transport and special transport)
2) differentiation of its services (transport exceptionally heavy) buydozens of boards with various types of modular joints for specific applications in industrial and wind energy;
3) increase in the market, setting up a second headquarters, a majorlogistics center in the industrial area of Bari;