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What are the exceptional transport

For exceptional transport means that type of means of transport , goods or machinery on the road in excess of the limits established by the shape or mass of the highway code.

Generally, a special transport is the movement of one or more things are not divisible , whose dimensions or weight exceed those laid down in Article 62 of the Highway Code , such as prefabricated building elements or blocks of natural stone, equipment or industrial modules , equipment steel , laminates , boats, construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers , loaders , cranes , agricultural machinery and construction , transformers , boilers , silos, wood structures , etc. .

There is also talk of exceptional transport in cases where :

- The indivisible load protrudes rearward beyond the outline of the vehicle by more than 3 /10 of the length of the vehicle itself ;

- While having a load indivisible protruding rearward less than 3/10 , have a length , including the load , higher than the gauge in its length of each category of vehicles;

- Whose indivisible load protrudes forward beyond the outline of the vehicle;

- Means of work as defined in Article 54 , paragraph 1, letter n) , when they exceed the mass limits set out in Article 62;

- Body with variable height in the carriage of live animals;

- Carrying bales or rolls of straw and hay ;

- Blocks or combinations of vehicles for the transport of machinery and agricultural machinery .

Recall inter alia, that the exceptional vehicles may only be used by companies engaged in the activities of the exceptional transport or use in its inherent need for the business ; registration of such vehicles shall be solely in the name and in the availability of aforementioned companies . Transport and exceptional vehicles are subject to specific authorization for circulation issued by the owner or dealer for highways, roads and military regions for the remaining road network .